Available support for fulfilling your role

At times you may find you need additional support in carrying out your roles and responsibilities or meeting the standards required.
There are a range of options available, for example:

  • clarification of job roles and responsibilities
  • training in particular skills or knowledge areas
  • obtaining the advice and guidance of a workplace mentor or coach
  • obtaining constructive feedback on your performance from a supervisor or somebody else
  • obtaining the assistance of co-workers to manage your workload.

Delay in asking for support may have a negative impact on the clients with whom you are working, the organisation as a whole, or you personally, and it is unnecessary.

Accessing support

There are usually a range of avenues for obtaining additional support.  These may include:

  • informal discussions with your supervisor
  • a request for additional support at an annual performance appraisal session
  • a formal written request for support to the management of the organisation
  • a request for additional support during a staff meeting
  • a mentor from a professional network
  • work colleague/s
  • other specialists.

The method for requesting assistance will depend on the circumstances and urgency of need.

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