Your responsibilities to the organisation

As previously mentioned, your specific roles and responsibilities are developed according to external requirements such as governmental and funding body guidelines, and internal processes such as workplace policies and procedures and job descriptions.  Support workers therefore have the responsibility of ensuring that they are aware of and conform to legislative requirements, funding body guidelines, organisational policies and procedures and job description duty statements.

Your responsibilities within the organisation include:

  • observing the management structure
  • supporting others throughout the organisation
  • following prescribed referral procedures
  • meeting documentation requirements
  • maintaining records correctly.

Meeting these responsibilities will enable you to contribute to the effectiveness of the total service provided by the organisation.

Quality and your responsibilities to clients

All staff within an organisation are bound by the legislation, standards, and guidelines described above.  At an individual level, you are responsible for provision of a quality service at all times.  This includes:

  • the quality of the relationship between yourself and the clients and their families
  • the timeliness of the support provided
  • your responsiveness to the changing needs of clients
  • your flexibility
  • the quality of your communication with others
  • adherence to the organisation’s code of conduct
  • your ability to work effectively as part of a team
  • for some service providers, achievement of outcomes, e.g. achieving targets for placing people in jobs and integrating them into the community.

However, for most service providers quality is about client satisfaction –satisfaction that clients are getting the support they need to achieve their goals and that they are being treated with dignity and respect.

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