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Section 1

Reading: Duty of care – Professional boundaries fact sheets (external)
This fact sheet deals with what to do if you are:

  • offered gifts by young people and their families
  • having contact with a young person outside of work
  • having a young person stay in your own home. (external)
This fact sheet covers your professional boundaries regarding driving young people whilst on duty. (external)
The fact sheet deals with duty of care relating to yourself, other co-workers and young people. (external)
This fact sheet focuses on two questions youth workers often ask, whether or not to:

  • report a young person’s underage sex
  • give out condoms (to all ages). (external)
The fact sheet contains information on:

  • smoking,
  • alcohol and illegal drugs,
  • coffee in youth services. (external)
A fact sheet about the basic legal principles of taking and using photographs of young people. (external)
A fact sheet containing information on privacy and confidentiality dilemmas.

Section 2

Reading: Court process for young people – Logan Youth Legal Service (external)

Section 3

Reading: Child safety – Overview of the child safety system (PDF 299KB)

Section 4

Reading: Complaints - Your rights are our concern (external)
The Anti-Discrimination Commission deals with discrimination, sexual harassment and acts of public hatred. (external)
The Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian advocate for the rights, interests and wellbeing of children and young people. (external)
The Crime and Misconduct Commission accepts complaints about official misconduct of public officials in state government departments and agencies, local government, the Queensland Police Service and members of State Parliament. (external)
The Health Rights Commission deals with concerns and complaints about health care or treatment in Queensland. (external)
The Queensland Ombudsman deals with complaints about the decisions of public sector agencies.

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