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a two-way process of sharing information, seeking advice from others, and considering others, views in reaching decisions.

Continuous improvement

The ongoing process of evaluating and updating processes.


Duty of care

The responsibility of each person to do everything within their power to ensure a safe and healthy environment.


Health and safety audit

a comprehensive check of all objects and processes within the workplace that may present a risk or hazard.


Notifiable incident

a workplace incident that must be notified the WHS authorities (e.g. serious bodily injury, fatality, work-caused illness, dangerous event)


Participative arrangements

 processes by which a worker contributes to workplace health and safety management.


Workplace Health and Safety Committee (WHSC)

A committee comprising at least two people whose role is to enable cooperation between employers and workers when developing and implementing workplace health and safety measures.

Workplace Health and Safety Officer (WHSO)

A specially qualified person who is appointed to provide advice about all health and safety issues within the workplace.

Workplace Health and Safety representative (WHSR)

A worker elected by other workers to liaise with management on health and safety issues.