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Community Door

Community Door logoCommunity Door is a gateway for community-managed organisations in Queensland to access key information to assist in all aspects of the operation of their service. Find information on topics from social service reform to legislation, child protection to mental health, fundraising to human resource management. Within each section you will also find news, resources and key information relating to that topic.

Community Door is managed and developed by QCOSS and funded by the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services.

In conjunction with Community Door, you can also access Network Spaces, eTraining and StudioQ – all designed to keep the community services sector informed, connected and inspired.

Network Spaces lets you discuss and share information, news and events with others in the social and community services sector. Browse the networks and find those of interest to you, then see events, new items, common files and conversations with people with similar interests.

QCOSS Community Door eTraining provides free self-paced on-line courses to support community service workers. Course subjects include governance; collaboration; cultural integrity; and strengthening non-government organisations.

StudioQ is a collection of multimedia resources aimed at supporting the community services sector with access to videos and podcasts of forums, workshops, interviews and animations on a broad range of topis.

Besides the content on the websites, you can also sign up to receive regular updates on what’s new in the community service sector through CommunityNews, a free fortnightly e-newsletter.