Resources used in this module

1. Reconciliation Australia's Question and Answer (Q&A) Welcome to and Acknowledgement of Country Fact Sheet

"This Q & A factsheet is part of a Reconciliation Australia series aimed at informing the community and stimulating conversations about the issues that affect us all.

Welcome to and Acknowledgement of Country

The practice of Acknowledging Country or being Welcomed to Country at official events has been a topic of debate recently. Here are some answers to questions you might have about this issue.

  1. What’s a Welcome to Country?
  2. Is a Welcome to Country a new thing, invented recently for the sake of political correctness?
  3. What’s an Acknowledgment of Country?
  4. Why are Acknowledgements of Country and Welcomes to Country important?
  5. How does a Welcome to or Acknowledgement of Country help address Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander disadvantage?
  6. Why should we be welcomed by or acknowledge Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people if they no longer legally own the land?"

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