• Introduction

    Darcy Cavanagh - REFOCUS Shine Jang Hazel Malone - Able Australia
    Tim Scott - Centacare
    Alisa Hall - Sandbag Vicky Meyer - IFYS

    Welcome to the QCOSS Community Door eTraining course An introduction to the social service sector for managers and organisations.

    This course provides an introduction to the social service sector in Queensland for managers and organisations new to the sector. It is free for anyone to access. If you would like to work through the activities you will need to create a free login and then register for the course.

    We begin with a profile of the sector in Queensland, insights into what it’s like to work in the sector and who are some of the key players.

    We will then cover a range of topics where you will find an overview, suggested resources and case studies of social service representatives sharing their personal stories.

    This course is designed to give you a solid understanding of the sector and provide you with the resources to find out more about your own area of interest or need. At the end of each module we ask you to give us some feedback about it and how useful it has been.

    If you are a frontline employee in the sector, we are currently developing and alternative version of this course specifically for frontline staff, which will include resources on working directly with clients, training and careers.

    This course has been funded by the Queensland Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors and the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women.

    Once you have completed all the sections please try the quiz at the end of the course and you will be able to download a certificate of completion. 

    Good luck!

    Please email any feedback to us info@communitydoor.org.au

Key concepts in the sector